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All Durotype fonts are created out of passion for the design involved. They are crafted in a long process of creation and improvement, until the right fusion of the functional and esthetical has been achieved. With whatever passion they are created—Durotype fonts are, in the end, just high-quality tools with a bit of pizzazz. Most of them are rather universal tools: their design doesn’t determine any specific uses. Many of them are very versatile: they have many styles and many glyphs. Many of them are, given their design, crafted in a way to maximize their legibility. Durotype fonts are meant to be durable: in many years from now, they should be just as enjoyable and useful as they are today.

Durotype fonts have been deployed successfully in many areas. In financial services, entertainment, and museums. In television, marketing, and corporate identities. In technology, sports, automotive, and real estate. In food, retail, B2B, and health. In e-books, apps, ATMs, and video phones. In web sites, catalogs, signage, and packaging. Et cetera.

Durotype’s most successful fonts are Flexo, a squarish design (MyFonts Most Popular Fonts of 2012), and Aspira, a legible geometric family with a very big number of styles.

Newest Fonts

The images below show the newest Durotype fonts. To get more information about one of these fonts — click on its image.

Font Characteristics

All Durotype fonts are UltraPrecision fonts.

All Durotype fonts are OpenType fonts with PostScript outlines.

All Durotype fonts support the following languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. (The newest Durotype fonts support more languages.)

All Durotype fonts support the Unicode standard.

All Durotype fonts are high quality fonts which are designed to support professional layout applications.

All Durotype fonts support Windows and Mac OS X.

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